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Kunshan Jingke Micro-Electronics Material Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, with the total investment of 50 million Yuan RMB. The company specializes in manufacturing various fine chemical products such as high-purity electronic chemicals, chemical reagent, etching solution for semiconductor, polishing solution and all sorts of electroplating chemicals, etc.

Located at Qiandeng Fine Chemicals Industrial Park of Kunshan city, Kunshan factory covers 14,000 sq. m. with the building area of more than 7,000 sq. m. Located at Lianyungang Chemical Industrial Park...

Kunshan Jingke Micro-Electronics Material Co., Ltd.

Add: Zhiwei Road No. 259,Qiandeng Town,Kunshan City ,Jiangsu,China
Tel: +86-512-57468758 , 57479318       Fax: +86-512-57468585
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